Hiscox announces new broker extranet as a focus for “digital trading.”

Hiscox announces new broker extranet as a focus for “digital trading.”

According to a release, this launch is a key step in the insurer’s digital agenda.

Hiscox, a specialist insurance, established its own broker intranet.

According to the insurer, the service is the first full-cycle digital trading extranet designed by an insurer that allows for seamless interaction with brokers’ Acturis back-office software.

“Digital trading is a goal for Hiscox, and this is a significant milestone in our investment path,” said Jodi Cartwright, distribution director at Hiscox UK.


Hiscox’s extranet was developed in collaboration with brokers to guarantee the platform’s functionality is a real representation of what brokers want, according to the insurer.

Its launch is also a key milestone in Hiscox’s digital plan, which intends to make dealing with the insurance easier and more efficient.



“Our new extranet was designed by brokers, for brokers,” Cartwright concluded.

“The functionality reflects what is most essential to them, and the outcome is a straightforward and intuitive platform that makes doing business with us simpler.

“It enables brokers to be more responsive to their clients’ demands, to make modifications and renewals in real time, and to do so with the backing of the Hiscox eTrade team.”



Journey streamlined

The new platform promises to offer various advantages to brokers, including as the ability to quote in seconds and completely manage clients’ policies, including new business, mid-term modifications, and renewals.


Web chat, claims lists, standard referral questions, and access to underwriters were all identified as priority areas by the insurer’s broker research and have been included into the Hiscox Extranet.

Professional indemnity (PI) combined, CyberClear, and new office combined are key offerings.



Client data may be downloaded directly into Acturis, eliminating the need for brokers to re-key this information.

“We are happy to cooperate with Hiscox in creating a new digital solution for PI,” stated Theo Duchen, co-chief executive of Acturis Group. The portal provides a simplified path, allowing brokers to deliver a fantastic product to their consumers quickly and easily.”

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