15 Best Universities With High Acceptance Rates For International Students In USA

15 Best Universities with high acceptance rates for international students in USA

How does one decide which university to attend?

As an international student, you’ll have the opportunity to go to just about any university in the United States that you can get accepted into.

But with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down your options.

To make this easier, we’ve compiled some of the best universities with high acceptance rates for international students in USA that you might want to consider attending as an undergraduate or graduate student!



Why Study in the USA as an International Student?

There are many reasons why a foreign student might consider studying abroad, but there’s no doubt that a high acceptance rate is near (or at) the top of that list.

In fact, when choosing an international university to study at, having a high acceptance rate may be more important than any other factor.

Other reasons why foreigners prefer to study in the United States include;

  • Quality education
  • Unique curriculum
  • Multicultural environment, and
  • Abundant opportunities


Can International Students get into the Ivy league?

Yes, International students can be admitted into an Ivy league, it is not easy actually but they are required.

This is because most international students can and will pay the full cost of their tuition when compared to domestic students, they are often asked to pay more of the tuition fees.

What is the meaning of College Acceptance Rate?

The college acceptance rate refers to what percentage of applicants are admitted to a particular university.

The calculation is based on total applications divided by the total number of accepted students.

Why is University Acceptance Rate very important?

The college acceptance rate can be an important factor when considering where to apply, especially if you’re applying to more than one school.

It’s important not only because it can help predict your likelihood of acceptance, but also because it shows how competitive different schools are in relation to one another.

What are the Best Universities with high acceptance rates for international students in USA?

    • Kent State University
    • University of Kansas
    • Colorado State University
    • University of Toledo
    • The University of Texas at Arlington
    • Loyola University Chicago
    • University of Colorado Boulder
  • The University of Texas at Dallas
  • University of Utah
  • University of Cincinnati
    • Virginia Commonwealth University
    • Pace University
    • Iowa State University of Science and Technology
  • Indiana University at Bloomington
  • University of Southern Mississippi

Kent State University

Founded in 1910, Kent State University has a long history of educating students from a wide range of backgrounds.

Kent State University is one of the best Universities with high acceptance rates for international students in USA with an acceptance rate as high as 84%.

Applicants from outside the United States can rest easy knowing that KSU boasts one of America’s highest rates of international student admissions.

Net Tuition: $19K

Graduation rate: 56%

Acceptance rate: 84%


University of Kansas

According to The New York Times, nearly 91 percent of international students at the University of Kansas are admitted yearly.

This institution is a public research university that’s consistently ranked among Best Colleges by U.S. News & World Report.

And more than a third of its students are from countries outside of North America.

Ner Tuition: $19K

Graduation rate: 63%


Colorado State University

Colorado State University is a public research university located in Fort Collins, Colorado and one of the Universities with high acceptance rates for international students in USA.

Founded as Colorado Agricultural and Mechanical College in 1870, it was before Wyoming and Colorado became states.

Net Tuition: $19K

Graduation rate: 71%

Acceptance rate: 84%

University of Toledo

The school prides itself on its active learning approach to teaching, which means students get involved with their professors.

The school also uses online video lectures and project-based learning to help them retain information.

The University of Toledo is one of the universities with high acceptance rates for international students in USA which will give you a higher chance of getting into your dream school.

Net Tuition: $18K

Graduation rate: 39%

Acceptance rate: 95%


The University of Texas at Arlington


The University of Texas in Arlington offers international students an admission rate of 88%. UTA was recently ranked as one of Texas’ most innovative schools.

The University is also home to over 100 research centers and institutes that address issues such as:

    • Homeland security
  • Alternative energy sources, and
  • Renewable fuels.

Net Tuition: $14K

Graduation rate: 59%

Acceptance rate: 88%

Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University Chicago is one of the best universities in the USA founded in 1870, this institution offers a wide range of programs leading to bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

This is one of the universities with high acceptance rates for international students in USA with an admission rate of 71% and it currently has more than 16,000 students enrolled.

Net Tuition: $35K

Graduation rate: 77%

Acceptance rate: 71%

University of Colorado Boulder

Colorado’s largest public university, CU Boulder was founded in 1876 and is consistently ranked as one of America’s best schools.

Along with a high admission rate of over 84 percent, it also boasts an impressive placement rate for students entering full-time employment after graduation.

With five campuses and hundreds of degree programs to choose from, CU Boulder can be a great choice no matter what your career interests are.

Net Tuition: $22K

Graduation rate: 69%

Acceptance rate: 84%


The University of Texas at Dallas

The University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) is a school with plenty of bang for your buck, with a 79% acceptance rate for international students and an average annual cost of $15,000.

UT Dallas is well worth your consideration if you’re looking to study in America without breaking your bank account.

The university also has a solid reputation when it comes to student satisfaction—it even placed #41 on our list of top schools with happy students.

UT Dallas boasts over 200 degrees and majors and impressive employer partnerships like:

    • Schlumberger
  • Baker Hughes and
  • ExxonMobil

These partnerships make it easy to find a job upon graduation too.

Net Tuition: $15K

Graduation rate: 70%

Acceptance rate: 79%

University of Utah

The University of Utah is one of those schools that accepts a lot of international students into their institution.

Approximately 30% of its entire population are students from other countries and its primary language on campus is English.


The school has an incredibly diverse culture, with students coming from all over to study in Salt Lake City.

Their accelerated programs allow undergraduate students to earn their degrees faster, which can really help you make use of your time while studying abroad!

Net Tuition: $15K

Graduation rate: 66%

Acceptance rate: 79%


University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati is one of the research-intensive public universities with the highest acceptance rates in Ohio.

This is one of the universities with high acceptance rates for international students in USA with a 76 percent admission, international students can start applying here.

The University of Cincinnati’s main campus is located on about 500 acres of land near downtown Cincinnati.

Graduates from UC have an average starting salary of $48,200 per year.

Net Tuition: $22K

Graduation rate: 68%

Acceptance rate: 76%


Virginia Commonwealth University

Located in Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) is one of the best medical schools in the USA.

Admissions officers will weigh your GPA heavily, but they also want students who have held leadership positions or participated on high school sports teams to demonstrate enthusiasm for a successful collegiate career.

This is one of the universities with high acceptance rates for international students in USA with an admission rate of 91 percent of applicants planning to study abroad.

Net Tuition: $22K

Graduation rate: 62%

Acceptance rate: 91%


Pace University

At Pace University, nearly all of its undergraduate students are from outside of New York.

That’s because Pace is one of 15 schools in America that accepts more than half of the applicants each year.

Pace University boasts as one of the Universities with high acceptance rates for international students in USA, offering 83% in admission to foreigners.

Graduation rate: 54%

Acceptance rate: 83%


Iowa State University of Science and Technology

For international students searching for universities in the USA with the highest acceptance rates, ISU is a good fit.

Iowas State University of Science and Technology’s acceptance rate is 88%.

For students who’d like to study in a region of Iowa that is home to many large corporations, the school offers a number of programs designed to prepare students for entry into a variety of careers.

Some of these programs include;

    • Internship opportunities
  • Exchange programs and
  • Research opportunities.

The university also houses award-winning research laboratories, making it a great choice for science majors.

Their facilities are state-of-the-art and include greenhouses, sports courts, and libraries.

Net Tuition: $15K

Graduation rate: 73%

Acceptance rate: 88%


Indiana University at Bloomington

Located right outside of Indianapolis, IU Bloomington offers nearly 300 majors and features a reputation as one of America’s top schools.

It is one of the best Universities with high acceptance rates for international students in USA with an acceptance rate of 80%.

This school is also currently ranked on U.S. News & World Report’s list of top American schools and there are also scholarships aimed specifically at foreign students.

Net Tuition: $13K

Graduation rate: 77%

Acceptance rate: 80%


University of Southern Mississippi

The University of Southern Mississippi (USM) is a public research university located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

It was founded as The Agricultural and Mechanical College of the State of Mississippi (A&M) in 1878.

USM also hosts international students from more than 85 countries and is home to over 100 study abroad programs.

Net Tuition: $15K

Graduation rate: 54%

Acceptance rate: 96%

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