Information for Applicants Seeking International Graduate Scholarships at Jesus College

Graduate students at Cambridge University’s Jesus College can apply for a number of available fellowships. If you are an overseas student searching for a place to study for your master’s or doctorate at a prestigious British institution, you should know that Jesus College, Cambridge University is now accepting applications for postgraduate placements. These fellowships are available to graduate students from the United Kingdom, the European Union, and other countries who wish to commence their studies in Cambridge.

Established between 1496 and 1516 on the site of the 12th-century Bennedictine nunnery of St. Mary and St. Radegund, Jesus College is one of Cambridge University’s oldest colleges.

The University of Cambridge is home to several prestigious colleges, including Jesus College. The Jesus chapel gives the institution its name, hence the college is commonly referred to as Jesus college. It is among the most prestigious universities, and its graduates include many famous people.

This award is only valid at Jesus College, Cambridge University.

when is the last day to apply To be considered, submissions must be postmarked no later than March 24, 2023.

The application form must be completed in English, and transcripts that are not already in English must be translated.

For consideration for the international graduate scholarship at Jesus College, Cambridge University, candidates must satisfy the following requirements:

Applicants from the United Kingdom, the European Union, and beyond are welcome.
There is a limited selection of classes for which the scholarship can be used. All candidates must have as their primary goal the attainment of a master’s or doctoral degree in one of the approved fields of study. Courses in the humanities, social sciences, history, and historical studies are examples of those that meet the requirements ( for masters program).
Courses in physical science, engineering, or mathematics are all appropriate for a PhD program.
Before applying for the international graduate fellowship, all applicants must have applied to and been offered admission to a master’s or doctoral program at Cambridge University, UK by the application deadline.
instruction on how to apply for the scholarship
All applicants must first have been accepted into a master’s or doctoral program at Cambridge University.

  • Scholarship in honor of Albert Goh and Elizabeth Coupe.
  • A grant named after Gurnee Hart.
  • Award given by the Embiricos Trust for Educational Opportunity.
  • Award hopefuls must do the following to submit an application:

Attach your resume, official transcripts, and academic references to the application. Email submissions only will be accepted at the following address:

prerequisites for entry
The following are requirements for applying to the Master’s or Doctoral programs at Cambridge University:

Required prerequisite for master’s level study: bachelor’s degree.
Doctoral candidates often hold master’s degrees.
Need for a Common Language
Candidates whose native language is not English are required to provide proof of English language competency through examinations like the TOEFL or IELTS.

In addition to the excellent education and access to a wide range of influential people that studying at Cambridge University provides, the scholarship also comes with the following advantages, which vary depending on the source from whence the award was obtained.

  • A master’s degree candidate can receive up to £4,000 from the Albert Goh & Elizabeth Croups Scholarship.
  • A master’s degree costs around $10,000, but the winner of the Gurnee Hart Scholarship will get £8,000.
  • A PhD student can get up to 13,000 GBP through the Embiricos Trust award.

UK and foreign postgraduate students can get help paying for their study thanks to the Jesus College International Graduate Scholarship.

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