Interview with Michelle Woodsworth “Legal Awards 2021”

Legal Awards 2021: Interview with Michelle Woodsworth

The Family and Matrimonial Practice Lawyer of the Year for Lawyer Monthly speaks to us.

What about your job most inspires you?

Family law is a constantly changing field of the law that includes both hard and soft abilities. I value both, and I have the honor of working in an area where every case is distinct due to the particular family dynamics and circumstances.

What aspect of your career is most significant to you?

The key has been developing as a legal professional. Collaborating with other practitioners and stakeholders has been beneficial as we move toward a less combative method of addressing marital breakdowns. I am very blessed to work with fantastic coworkers and have my family’s support.

What goals do you have for 2022?
The hope is always for better things to come, to do better, and to better oneself as we enter a new year. Additionally, I’m crossing my fingers for a COVID-free world!

Michelle Woodsworth’s profile

Prior to joining the Law Society of Singapore as Director and Head, Representation & Law Reform, Michelle spent several years in private practice specializing in Family & Matrimonial Law. She then served as a District Judge of the Subordinate Courts of Singapore (now the Family Justice Courts) in the Family & Juvenile Justice Division.

Michelle has over 20 years of expertise in dispute resolution and has returned to private practice. Michelle’s dedication to the profession of family law and her love for children’s welfare enable her to assist husbands, wives, and families in rebuilding their lives when partnerships fail.

Director Michelle works for Quahe Woo & Palmer LLC. A multidisciplinary law firm, QWP is equipped to handle the most complicated corporate transactions and legal issues of the modern day thanks to a staff of seasoned attorneys with a variety of specialized areas of practice. In addition to offering legal services, QWP considers itself to be our clients’ trusted advisor as we help them navigate an ever-changing legal environment influenced by shifting geopolitical and economic trends.

Michelle’s ability to very well

understand the emotions

running with all parties and

manage the situation professionally

without provoking or hurting the

other party… essential for the wellbeing

of the children involved in any divorce case,

and to move on with co-parenting once the case is over.

Michelle Woodworth


Quahe Woo & Palmer LLC

Tel: +65 6622 0372


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